Womens Check out our simplified size guides to find your perfect fit in 3 easy steps:

Our underwear size chart works the same way as any other size chart, which means the first step is knowing your measurements; for that, all you need is your trusty measuring tape. Remember that not all underwear charts are the same, so knowing your measurements is necessary when shopping for underwear.

Measure Waist Size

Measure your waist by bending to one side, and mentally note where your waist naturally indents in your torso. Then, wrap the measuring tape around your natural waistline, keeping the tape parallel to the floor with one finger between your body and the tape for a more comfortable fit.

Measure Hip Size

Stand on a level surface with your feet together to measure your hips. Measure around the fullest part of your hips and butt, keeping the tape parallel with the floor. Easy as that!

Refer to our Fit Guide below to find your underwear size

If you want a snug fit: size down, and relaxed fit: size up.