Some signs that show your underwear doesn't fit

Finger Not Sliding in the Waistband

We recommend you do the finger test. If you can slip a finger in there comfortably - meaning that the elastic is not squeezing your finger tightly to your body - then you have a good waist fit.

The Thighs Feel the Pressure

If the stitch feels like digging into your skin, riding or rolling up, it means you need to size up the present size is tight and can restrict blood flow.

It’s Just Too Snug

No, it’s not. If your privates feel stuffed constantly, and the pouch doesn't seem to adapt its shape and expand, you need to size up.

Just Adjusting the Band

If you’re constantly adjusting your waistband, as it moves around with your pants as you get up and sit, it’s loose, and you might need to size it down a bit.