Want to know the ideal fit? We Got Answers.

For Maternity Lounge Bra

For Maternity Comfort Panty


Your straps should feel secure but comfortable on your shoulders, they should not dig in or slip off.


Make sure your breasts fit comfortably within the cups, with no overflowing or cup gaping.

Center Front

The centre point on the front of your bra should sit flat on your chest. It should not dig in or sit elevated above your chest but rather comfortably on top.


Your band should sit comfortably running straight around and flat on the body.


Ideally, the waistband should be soft & stretchable and fit comfortably under your belly, with generous elastics. It shouldn't dig into your skin or feel restrictive.

Leg Openings

Ensure leg openings don't dig into your thighs or restrict movement, without any chafing or discomfort; high cut and hipster-like wings are recommended.


Look for materials that are soft and have a bit of elastane infused and offer flexibility to accommodate your growing body while maintaining their shape.


The gusset should be made from breathable, moisture-wicking materials to keep you dry and comfortable; and should be wide for additional comfort & coverage, reducing any risk of irritation.