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    WHY CHANGE?   When we started out with building Tailor & Circus, our vision was absolute....
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Male Bodies, Art, & Media: Representation, Communication, & Description of Men

From ancient sculptures to A.I. generated art, men and their bodies have been the focus of artistic expression, sexuality, and fashion alternating between objects of power and awe, to fluidity and romance. These representations shape societal perceptions and impact our understanding of masculinity, self-image, and gender dynamics.  As the conversation around body positivity gains momentum, an integral part of this movement addresses the description of male bodies in art, film, and media. While there has been extensive research and debate surrounding the portrayal of women, the same level of attention...
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Breastfeeding Uncovered: How Body Positivity Supports Mothers’ Feeding Choices

The Choice to Breastfeed The journey of motherhood begins with the birth of your baby, followed closely by a lot of important decisions, among which is the choice of breastfeeding. It’s a profoundly personal decision, often influenced by health considerations, work commitments, and societal pressures. Despite this, regardless of the chosen path, every mother’s decision deserves respect and support. According to the CDC, about 83% of U.S. infants are breastfed at birth, but only 57.6% are still breastfed by six months. This decline may be attributed to several factors, including...
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Aging & Male Bodies: A Journey through Physical and Psychological Changes

As men traverse through different stages of life, their bodies and minds inevitably undergo a series of changes. These changes have a profound impact not only on their physical health but also on their psychological well-being. Men, especially those above thirty, must understand these shifts and navigate them effectively. This understanding can help redefine self-image, preserve a sense of self, and ultimately create a more positive ageing experience. Physical Transformations: Beyond the Visible Ageing in men is often associated with a period known as andropause, akin to menopause in women....
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Picture Perfect Pressure: How Social Media Alters Our Perception of Body Image and Impacts Mental Health

Social media has been an influential force shaping our world, with its imprint stretching across multi-facets of lifestyle and societal interaction. In 2023, 4.48 billion people use social media worldwide. However, once hailed as the harbinger of global connectivity, this realm has been increasingly associated with a darker side – body shaming. We take a deeper look at how social media has influenced body image and mental health, particularly among young women and men, and how self-love and self-care can be promoted in the digital age. Social Media and Body...
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