Matching Underwear

Keep Love Equal For You & Your Bae

Liberating Underwear from Gender Biases

Matching underwear or couples underwear sets are built around freeing underwear and clothing from the restrictions of gender-influenced bias such as blue for boys and pink for girls.

All Tailor And Circus prints are made from scratch, each element meticulously illustrated to give you a piece of art everyone can love. 

How Important it is to match underwear?

It gets pretty official when couples wear matching underwear; it adds a whole new dimension to their intimacy. Wearing matching underwear for couples can mean:

  • A Fun Secret Uniform
  • Sign of Belongingness
  • Sharing Comfort
  • Go-to Outfit for Lounge Day

How Can Couples Match Underwear Set Online?

Pick your size and style of underwear to match

What underwear do you wear?

Pick your partner's size and style of underwear.

What underwear does your partner wear?

Pick the design that speaks for you two from our collection of prints and solids.

Select your look:

Add your items to the cart, and feel free to explore our boxers, bras, & bralettes for matching underwear.

Pick for them to match:

Have Questions? we’ve got answers

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How often do you launch new designs for couples?

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