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Poor customer support

I received wrong quantity of my order. Instead of helping the customer, the company was doctored videos to defend themselves about my order. But I am aware that I received 2 items instead of 3, hence the video “proof” was a sham. I don’t have the time or energy to argue it out but I did let my friends and family know to not order from this site


You are back to what you were and its amazing

Amazing Quality

Love the quality of their products.. the fabric is very soft and comfortable.

Perfect Panties!

Perfect fit as always!


Comfortable and easy fit !

Nice product

Superb product in all d ways
Light n perfect

Men's Trunks - Umber
Suparna Katoch

Purchased this for my partner. He is usually a bit wary of new things but he absolutely loved the fit and the fabric !

Great product

Very soft and high quality

Worth the cost

I got to know abt tailor and circus brand through instagram. I checked the page and the first thing that attracted me was the ideology of body positivity. Then when i checked the products, i thought that the price was little bit on the higher side. But after the purchase, i feel that its worth the cost . The fabric is so soft and the comfort is great. Also the size issue was sorted out easily with 100% replacement guarantee. Thank you.

Women's Bare Hipsters - Umber
Butter Smooth

Yes you heard it right ...... jus forgot that there is a garment in my waist. And first day I kept touching myself to check weather I'm wearing my undee.

Perfect to lounge in

It feels so breezy you hardly realise wearing it.


I LOVE IT x 1037194 times
Can live in it, so soft so comfortable.

Adjustable straps with hood

Adjustable straps with hooks (at the back option )would be an added comfort. Non removal pads option can be considered. And also adjustable shoulder straps can be considered.

Loved it.

Amazing cut and fit, which I now realise is the usual for you people.

Expensive but comfortable

Breathable cloth

Maternity Nursing Bra - Umber
Lalitha Ponnurasan

Very easy to use while nursing and very comfy.
Slots for breast pads is very innovative and useful

Men's Briefs - Umber
Vinod Vyasulu


Highly recommended

The fabric is excellent,was looking for comfortable wear for nursing it's really awesome..

Bra and pantry

The colour blue ran. Your underwear should use fast colours in the fabric and elastic too.

Perfect fit

The material is very soft and the fit is perfect


Love how soft and comfy it is. Would live in them if I could!

Men's Boxers - Umber
Behram Pardiwalla
Men's boxers

A good product, however, it could have been a little longer

How to treat your groin to luxury

So Soft and So Comfortable and they keep they shape even after a wash!! The best underwear my balls have ever felt! the end!

Best product

best quality ever found ...really really loved the quality of the product..everything is THE BEST about the product.. :)


Extremely soft and comfortable.